About Us

About Dhammavani

Dhammavani, the Vipassana Radio, began in May, 2012. It is a radio station dedicated to Vipassana meditation as taught by Mr S. N. Goenka (1924 – 2013) in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin (1899 – 1971). Today, Dhammavani is accessed by Vipassana meditators in over 190 countries.


Dhammavani allows existing Vipassana meditators across the world to maintain their regular practice and gain maximum benefit from the technique. Dhammavani also makes it possible for non-meditators to learn what Mr Goenka calls The Kindergarten of Vipassana by streaming his instructions for beginners.

Three channels

Dhammavani presently broadcasts on three channels:

  • Live Radio India
  • Live Radio World
  • Live Radio Universal

The broadcasts are recordings of meditation instruction, stories and discourses given by Mr Goenka during his lifetime. Each channel has its own schedule.

The need for Dhammavani

Meditators have established over 160 Vipassana centers around the world. Most of these are in the countryside, an hour or more by public transportation from the nearest city. There is good reason for the choice of location: land is cheaper and the atmosphere quieter, more conducive to meditation. However, cities are where most Vipassana meditators spend their lives. While they are happy to travel a few hours to attend a retreat, it is equally important to have support where they live. They need a place where they can sit in silence with other meditators and set aside daily concerns and distractions, even for just an hour. They need an environment where they can focus on the reality within, develop equanimity and cultivate goodwill toward all beings. Dhammavani, the Vipassana radio, provides this support for meditation close to one’s home and office. Individuals & groups avail this service through pc & mobile phone, Dhamma House (community meditation halls) and radio stations.

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